MatterControl instead of Cura for direct printing ?

  • I'm new to 3D printing and I've got a CR10s PRO a month ago and struggled to get it working.

    I'm sick and tired of this small SD-card and want to print directly from a computer via UBS.

    I THOUGHT Cura could do that but I'm adviced NOT to do it because the printing will stop when Windows want to "fall asleep" some way - and I was adviced to buy some extra HW and set up a printer server - I don't want to add more to the mess of unpredicted errors and fails.

    I then found MatterControl and my first impression is that it's gives more control that Cura AND it should be able to do this direct printing and control the printer from the screen.

    What about this "falling asleep" of Windows while printing a job over night ... or maybe 2-3 days - will the printing stop too ?

  • You do not want windows to "fall asleep" when you are printing with pretty much any software. So go into control panel and power settings and set the sleep feature to "always on" or off depending what version of windows you have

  • @mpirringer Yeah, I already have that setting done - I wonder why people don't do the same with Cura - if it's that simple.

    Maybe they said so because they have this extra HW with the printer server as a product they wonna sell ;-))

    OK, thx, I'm will try to use MatterControl with Fusion 360 and my CR10s PRO via USB cable.

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