Printer Calibration Auto Level 2.19 offset error

  • With the new 2.x version of Matter Control I cannot find the Paper thickness offset value. The old version had a place for it to be entered. The best I can find in the new one is the Nozzle Offset X, Y, Z. Entering a Z value as the Paper thickness does work. Took a long time to find that.
    Also looking for advice on typical settings on first layer control. I have a MonoPrice Maker Select V2. Typically I print at .2. I set the first layer to .3 which gives a little more tolerance to the bed leveling and then I set the initial flow to 150 to 200%.
    Would like to confirm the Auto Level Paper Thickness offset first.

  • Well I can't find it anymore either but its still in the printer file when you export and import a printer setting now the probe offset works inverse to what you expect. that means that if you put a 0.5 in the Y it brings the probe 0.5 closer to the bed as it interprets it as the probe being 0.5 too far away - I was told that is so on purpose. Now under controls you can play with the Y+ and Y- once the print started where y- brings it closer to the bed (the opposite of the probe offset). But when you get out of the software the control part gets canned plus for someone who is color challenged like me that gray on gay or whatever that value is is illegible for me. So what I do is try to get the y probe offset close and clear the control before every print and then if necessary make an adjustment And somewhere there is a value still "Stuck" there as Even right after I level the bed (with zprobe at 0) I got to set the zprobe offset to something like .7 or higher if I print pla. With every release it gets weirder

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