Filament-specific z-offset

  • I noticed things like z-offset is specific to printer settings, with no means of setting it per-filament. As you know, PETG likes to have a bit of extra distance when laying down the first layer compared to PLA. It is a bit of a pain to set the printer settings each time I change to a different material. Any chance of adding z-offsets to filament settings?

    Being an open-minded person, if there is a different way to accomplish this, I'm certainly listening...

  • I got 2 work arounds one is to have a 2nd printer profile one like Pulse C232 and the second Pulse C232 PETG. But then you got to bed level both when you bed level. The other is to use a different slicer until they change that and only use MC for bed leveling

  • Thanks. Appreciate the suggestions. I really don't need MC for bed-levelling as mine has automatic hardware-provided levelling. I've been using S3D but wanted to try MC2 because the update cycle is much faster. I supposed I could look to adding it - we do have access to the source code after all (or at least we used to) - but with so many other things taking my time...

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