MC 2.19.6 comments

  • 1.) It now handles multiple objects sliced in another slicer correctly and does not "Die" when the Z value in Gcode is repeatedly set to the same value.
    2.) Slicer still missing some features I need so I will be using SLIC3R a while longer
    3.) Error recovery from the all too often thermal runaways of the pulse are still super wonky. Guess they are a low priority. Posted them to tech support and on Github and no do not intend to go back to Github. (I think I posted about 30-40 issues there and too many arguments for my taste)
    And this one is IDK if its new or just one I have not experienced. I title it you can't select the same temp 2x.
    Lets assume I have a gcode file for a part that was sliced for an ABS that prints at 260. Now I bought an ABS that is identical in every setting to the other ABS except it likes 240 for a temp. So I load GCODE file and it correctly starts at 260 so I set the temp to 240. And it prints the rest of the part at 240 - great. Now I want the same part again. So I hit print and it starts again at 260 like gcode says so I click change temp on top right like before and it says 240 in there so I click into the field and hit enter assuming the "lostfocus" event or such will trigger a change in temp - but no it continues at 260. So I wipe out 240 and type in 240 and again - nothing. So I type in 241 - and now it changes to 241. So then I go back in and type in 240 and now I got 240 - not this is really annoying.

    And last but not least. IDK if I posted that before - but prints take a long time and a print controller program should not let a computer go to "sleep"

    My main wish now is for MC to have better handling / error recovery for the pulse. I sent a detailed list of GCODE that should be executed to tech support oh about 3-4 times over the past 6 month. For those here with a PULSE - if you get an error

    1.) DO NOT HIT RESUME - hit Ok
    2.) Turn Pulse on/off
    3.) if you have a LCD do an autohome - if not go to the terminal and do one there ( Ithink G28)
    4.) turn bed and Nozzle temp off
    5.) turn bed an Nozzle temp back on you will now read the proper temps in MC
    6.) IMPORTANT!!!! wait until the temps are up to nominal or mc will start to try to extrude at whatever temp you are at - even if its lets say 90 C
    7.) Click the resume button in the top right corner of the print progress window (next to the cancel window)

    Now this all could be handled with a resume script but don't touch the one in MC as I was told doing so will void the warranty.

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