MatterControl 2.19.6 now reads Gcode

  • Upgraded again to check the hotfix and at least for my first gcode file created with SLIC3R it prints now

    Thank you

  • How did you get it to work? I just downloaded the 2.19.6 version today and I still have this issue. I use ideamaker to slice my models because I'm so used to it, but when I enter into matter control it still says the bed is empty even though it's on the screen.

  • I upgraded to Go to about mattercontrol and see if it is that version if not upgrade to it

  • I just downloaded it again and its version, I hate to think they didn't keep the hotfix on newer updates. I tried looking for your specific version but can't find it. the definitely need a "previous versions" tab on their software.

  • on my other computer I got 10328 and that one works too. See if you can upgrade to that

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