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  • Please forgive me for my none constructive criticism. I tried my best so here i go.

    Coast at the end:
    Is there a reason for [Coast at the end] to go in reverse direction ?
    Sudden direction change is not only bad for the print, its also bad for the printer.
    Imagine going one direction and then suddenly go back at 150mm/s travel speed ? Thats nonsense.
    Coast should be at either print speed or at travel speed (optional) toward same direction. (This feature is known as combing in Cura)

    Inner/Outer perimeters change print direction. Why ?

    Print speed:
    Where is fundamental setting for [Print Speed] ?
    I see allot of other parameters. I dont want to change 9 parameters to change entire print speed (except for travel)

    Material selector:
    Does it work at all ?
    When i select different material, the only thing that i notice change is Outside Perimeter. Everything else including temperature stays the same.

    Where is the "Save" button when i edit material properties ?

    Are Material presets act (in theory) like printing parameters presets ?
    So why not just name it "Presets" instead of materials if they effect (not at this point they dont) printing parameters such as speed etc ?

    Export printer:
    Exports .printer file containing excessive data, data that has nothing to do with the printer but rather print settings such as layer height, skirt distance, retraction settings etc, even materials.
    So its not printer information, its printing information or what ?
    Can this be imported ?
    Does it import print settings with it ?
    I am very confused here.

    Any feedback on that ? Thanks guys.
    I have allot more but i will keep them to my self for now.

  • I assume you are talking about MC and every slicer works a little different

    Coast - should be above filament to limit stringing so It might happen in any direction.
    The printer internally has a ramp to deal with direction changes so it accelerates and decelerates at a set rate to (hopefully) not destroy itself
    Perimeters: sometimes in same direction sometimes a change - there is an algorithm behind there to make it move as little as perfect. It is not perfect. If you find the perfect solution (often called the salesman problem) publish it and you win lots of prices as its one of the "holy grails" of computing
    Print speed: There should be more settings and also Volumetric options. all those are important and have meanings and a profound effect on performance and appearance and layer adhesion.
    Material selection should definitely change things (and does) in the filament section. The others used to (have not checked current version) only change items that do not have the "X" next to them I guess the assumption was that only unchanged defaults get changed
    Export printer - does all the settings but only one at a time it seems and can only be imported one at a time the last time I checked would be nice if you could just back it all up and import it all like SLIC3R

    I am not affiliated with MH - just a customer and fellow maker

  • I know understand Coast does and why. What i dont understand is why it has to coast in opposite direction at the travel speed. At the very least it could coast toward same direction.
    Print speed: More settings ? There is too many already. The very basic one "Print Speed" is missing.

  • Slicer Settings work fine, at least for me, both Material and Quality.

    When you open the Setting to edit them, you can click on 'Duplicate' to make another copy of the settings.
    To change the name can be a bit tricky.... Click the Pencil Icon next to the name, then change the name, and click out of the box (Anywhere except the save button... This is key, otherwise it may not change the name), Then click the save button.
    All of the other settings you change will automatically be saved.

    4 Things to note...
    When looking at your selected settings. First, any setting you change in either Quality or Material can be anywhere in the Slice Settings.
    A Yellow Line on the left of the setting means it is set in the Quality settings, Orange is the Material, and Blue is Manual/Override User setting.

    Also note, Manual User settings will often Stick with that selection of Quality Settings so make sure you check your settings if you have manually changed stuff.

    So for your issues, I would say check to see what color the setting is coming from and edit appropriately.

    The Export Settings option exports the Quality and Material Settings. If it exports printer settings anywhere I have not seen a way to import them. And it will only import a single setting at a time, at least with the version(s) I am using. I have not checked the latest.

    A Side note with the Settings. If you are connected to the Cloud with MC/Matterhackers the cloud automatically saves all of your settings, Printer, Quality and Materials.

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