custom Gcode

  • hi,

    recently I upgraded to mattercontrol 2 and came across some problem i dont like

    in mattercontrol 1 i used a custom g code that moved my printer head away from the bed and started from there, so what it did it moved away form te bed and then it moved from the x home and the y home and a z of 15mm to the edge of the print.

    now in mattercontrol 2 it also goes to z15 then to the edge of the bed (not the edge of the print) then back to z0 en then to the edge of the print.

    now i was wondering, is there a way to get around this and make it go immediately to the edge of the print ?

  • This is set in the start GCode MC1 dumped a pile of filament in the purge in the corner of the plate which was a problem if the print needed that corner. Now the purge draws a line so even if your print covers that area its not that big a deal as it gets absorbed in the layer. But you can change that in the start Gcode. But be careful what you do as potentially you can also damage your printer doing so

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