Board Issue: Swap E0 and E1

  • My extruder motor does not move manually or otherwise. It would seem it is heat or poor connection at board related.

    I swapped E0 wiring with the X motor and it will move without issue. Whereas the X movement is non-responsive on extruder commands .

    I'm hoping to flash the firmware and move the wiring from E0 to E1 on the board.

    Would I be correct in the following?

    pins.h file

    ATmega25260 board listing (motherboard = 21)

    swapping E0 with E1 at the following groups

    #define E1_STEP_PIN 18

    #define E1_DIR_PIN 19
    #define E1_ENABLE_PIN 38

    #define E0_STEP_PIN 40
    #define E0_DIR_PIN 41
    #define E0_ENABLE_PIN 37

    save and load new firmware


  • Yes, you would just want to swap the values for the E0 and E1 groups. I'm not sure which version of Marlin you're looking at, but on the Marlin GitHub repo the pin numbers are slightly different on the pins_RAMBO.h file:

    Make sure you also swap the pins associated with microstepping in the section underneath the STEPPERS sections.

  • thanks, I swapped values for E0 and E1 and print was successful

    however, I did not change any microstepping pins as mentioned. how exactly does this impact the print? better extrusion/control?

  • It would only have an effect if you were using different microstepping levels for E0 and E1. If they are both configured the same then it is fine.

  • @paulalfarojr
    please help me , i am facing same problem and i have already connect the connector according to you, my stepper motor and driver are working properly with another axis but not with extruder
    i am using ramps1.4 and arduino mega2560

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