Good, low cost printer

  • I have a desktop industrial Markforged, and I’m looking for a good option for a prototyping printer to use as a means of checking my designs prior to printing on the markforged. I was looking at either the Prusa (not sure if they sell those here) or something similar, ideally in the $500-$750 range but has upgradeability if I want to upgrade the parts.

  • Have you bought or still looking? If you are still looking than once check on Reecoupons because I bought a Dell laser 3D printer last month from there and believe me by using discounted codes its save almost half of my money, and yeah its also working very well.

  • Get an Anycubic Chiron - we got 2 - its an animal. Big, 400x400x450, 24 V heated bed heats up quickly, out of the box good to print PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS and some nylons like bridge. For the hotter stuff replace the ptfe tube with a capricorn one. With that it will do 255-260 reliably. How reliably 50kg+ of HIPS eacg reliably so far. We had 2 fails between the 2 of them so far both a broken wire - one on the print head thermistor - one on the bed thermistor. Both came with standard wires and now have been replaced with silicon covered high flex ones. We figured the x axis wire failed after moving back and forth about 3 million times and the bed one after about 5 million times. We print a lot of big stuff in HIPS so the printer gets a real workout. They might get 30-40 minutes break a day (just enough to change filament and let the build plate cool down to about 60C to pop the print off. Otherwise its 255 nozzle 105 bed all the time. Oh and I broke a hotend cross threading the nozzle when changing the nozzle. But that is hardly the printers fault. Compared to a Pulse less than 5% the downtime of the Pulse.

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