Appreciate The Forum

  • Hi, my name is Hal Ringleben
    Location: Lafayette, NJ
    Printer: GeeTech Prusa i3 Pro
    Years 3D Printing: 2 years
    Background: Retired, worked in the hydraulic/pneumatic industry Quality Assurance Director, software development part time.
    Interest: CGA Developement, Audio Engineering, VideoFX, SoundFX
    Into 3D Printing: Fun, hobby, fixing RC parts, printing CGA Character Models
    Favorite Cereal: Sorry, don't eat breakfast. 🙂
    Interests: Raspberry projects, tennis, biking, refreshing my software skills.

    I appreciate the MatterHackers forum and the people. I've gained lots of 3D printing skills and have gotten great help. Thanks.

  • MatterHackers

    Thanks so much for the feedback. I know most people become engaged when they have a problem, sot it is wonderful to hear from you when things are good!

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