Macros - to set temperature?

  • Is it possible to use the macro function to set a temperature change every 30 layers?
    If so what code would I need to enter? It's for a temperature tower.

    Thanks All.


  • For that you'd need conditional Gcode and as far as I know MC does not support that. As far as I know the only free slicer that supports it is slic3r. There you do something like {if [layer_num] == 10}M104 S210 in the layer change gcode section. DO NOT DO THIS IN MC as it will put that line only parst with the layer num into the gcode and send it to the printer which will not know what to do with it. You have 3 options to do a heat tower

    1.) find an existing gcode file and use it
    2.) use slic3r with the conditional statements and write a gcode file and then use MC to send it to the printer (or do it direct from slic3r if its not a pulse and you have a profile or no other reason to use mc
    3.) Write a gcode file from MC, use your favorite text editor like wordpad and locate the Layer (identified with a Layer nn comment so you can search for it) and insert a line
    M 104 Snnn ; nnn is temperature
    or you can use M109 instead of M104 the difference is that M109 will stop and wait for the Nozzle to reach the temp while M104 will continue on while the nozzle gets to the temp.

    IMPORTANT. When exporting Gcode from MC if you write it to an SD card to be printed on the printer from SD card make sure the "apply bed leveling" is checked. If you intend to load it later back into MC and run from MC make sure you uncheck "apply bed leveling" otherwise you will apply bed leveling 2x and most likely will use the nozzle to engrave your part on your build plate.

  • Ok thanks for your help and a detailed reply.

    Atb. Aamcle

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