MatterControl 2: how to align parts of a dual-extruder print?

  • I like version 2 in general - thanks for the great work!

    What are the steps now for setting up a dual-extruder print? I don't see the equivalent of the old "Align" operation. Unless the two parts are both symmetric in X and Y (which is an unusual case), simply aligning them with the new Align operation does the wrong thing.


    Edit: If this hasn't been implemented yet, I'd vote for "Align all parts" right under the existing "Arrange all parts" menu item, that would just return all parts to their untransformed position and rotation.

  • So... really, there's several features for dual-extruder control, but no way to set up the print yet? What am I missing?

  • MatterHackers

    This is possible. Here is a quick video I took to show how:

    alt text

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