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  • Hi,
    This might be of value for mostly Pulse owners and maybe others with similar printers who use MC. If there is value in this I am fine of you copy or move it somewhere else.

    Occasionally I get a Thermal runaway due to the fan blowing too much on the bed (when printing ABS or HIPS and bridging) or something like that. MC will report the problem and tell you to reset the printer. This also worked at a problem today when the printer was getting "Confused" and kept sending "busy processing messages

    1.) pause print in mc (make sure it actually is in pause mode by lifting the print head. Or if its paused due to an error hit ok NOT resume and you can resume later by clicking on the arrow in the print progress window.

    2.) turn printer on and off and resolve the error

    3.) go on the vicky and select autohome or type G28 in the terminal

    4.) go into mc and turn bed on and off

    5.) go into mc and turn nozzle on and off. MC does not know you turned the printer on and off and will keep the last reported bed and extruder temp and will not turn it on so if you resume there you sooner or later will extrude cold as the nozzle heater and bed is off and will get a jam

    6.) wait for the temp of the nozzle to be back in acceptable range for the filament (close enough to the target in this case target was 260 so I waited till 255)

    6a) if you run volumetric then go to the terminal and enter M200 D1.75 ; or whatever filament you are running

    1. hit resume
      Note: if you are too slow and the bed cooled too much you might already have lost bed adhesion.

    Only slight problem I have is with the often stoppages of the head there are snot pimples on the print which the nozzle is hitting

    Suggested change to resume code in MC

    Suggestion to put into the resume code of MC or write a macro
    NOTE this is tested on a Pulse and might work differently on a different printer

    G28 ; home all axes

    ;M200 D1.75 ; Volumetric set to 1.75mm filament uncomment if running volumetric (Sn if you have multiple extruders)

    M104 S[temperature]; we are turning the extruder on but don't wait

    M190 S[bed_temperature]; we are turning the bed on and wait for it to reach target temp

    M109 S[temperature]; Now we are turning the extruder on and wait if it heated up to target temp before the bed it just will continue here

    G92; if your printer uses absolute addressing (the PULSE does but it should be in your startup code

    any other codes that might be necessary to put your printer in the right frame of mind


    Martin Pirringer (Old Dude with a Pulse)

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