Power Fail

  • Hi anyone else experience this? Last night its the 5th time it happened and I am looking for a way to a demonstrate the behavior to MH so they can fix it or have a work around. I run MC from a laptop that is tethered to my pulse. Labtop is plugged into the wall. So to use last night as an example. Power fails for 7 seconds. Laptop of course stays on in MC as it has a battery. Pulse shuts off for 7 seconds then power comes back on and pulse turns on. MC through all that time shows pulse connected and print job continuing. In this case pulse stays disconnected and just sits there with the nozzle solidifying to the print. How do you recover. IF you hit pause then nothing happens if you then hit resume then nothing happens. On other occasions where the power outage was just a flicker with the power off for less than a second or so the print just resumes at the time that the pulse turns back on that means printer considers where ever it turns on home and takes a dive for the build plate and corner. There should be some kind of handshake protocol between printer and software and at the very least a feature in the firmware that auto homes the printer at power on before accepting any commands. and maybe a message to the controlling software that says "Hey I just got powerd up"

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