MatterControl is changing settings on my printer.

  • I downloaded the program so I could try it out, and I needed the terminal to do PID calibrations.
    Well, when I use any of the CR-10 profiles, and hook it up to my Ender 3 Pro, it changes some setting that causes the movement of Auto Home and G28 command to a pace that is slower than a snail.
    I set the printer back to factory settings, and auto home works fine.
    I hook my printer back up to the computer. I restarted Mattercontrol, and it re-writes all the old settings back into the printer, and the auto home goes back to being snailed.
    This doesn't happen with the other slicer programs I use.

  • Check your end gcode in the printer

    you probably have something like this
    ; Retract and move away
    G1 E-[retract_length] F1200 ; retrac_length is the retraction length set in the proviel
    G0 X5 Y210 F[travel_speed]; Travel_sped is the travel spee
    G28 ; go home

    M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
    M140 S0 ; turn off heat bed
    M106 S0 ; turn off layer fan

    M84 ; disable motors

    Note that all subsequent movements will happen at the speed of the last Fnnn setting where nnn is mm/min so if you set it to 1200 that means 1200mm/min or 20mm/sec if you want you can set it in its own line like
    G0 F1200; move all axis after this at 20mm/sec

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