Orion Delta printer calibration Issues with software bed leveling

  • I am in the process of calibrating an Orion Delta style printer from SeeMeCnc. I went through the iterative process of setting the Z-height and calibrating the towers and also adjusted the horizontal radius so all the nozzle distances from the bed were the same. All done on the machine/firmware itself.
    I'm using the latest version of matter control and started the software bed leveling wizard using a 13-point matrix around the bed.
    The problem is when I am manually adjusting the Z-height for each position on bed, the software will not allow me to lower the nozzle beyond 0. In other words, the software will show that the nozzle is lowering, but the nozzle itself stops at 0, and won't lower beyond that. Is there a way to override or adjust whatever is preventing the nozzle from lowering below 0?
    The bed itself is fairly warped and requires this feature to print properly.

  • MatterHackers

    The problem is probably that the firmware does not allow the printer to go below z 0. You can disable this in the firmware or increase the height that the printer thinks it is (in firmware) so that the nozzle can get down to the bed everywhere and still be above z 0.

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