Manual bed leveling wizard says Warning - Moving Too Low

  • I have used this tool many times. I HAVE had issues with it where it would not move low enough to touch the bed, but I could fix by setting both sides of the Z axis evenly and/or adjusting the Z stop. Suddenly now when I start the wizard and get to the first adjustment, when I click the Z- it immediatly says the position is too low and can't move. Despite the fact that I have it set to 5mm above stop (usually 10, 10 does same), and it does lift up what looks like ~5mm above the bed when going to the first of the 7 level points. I tried the usual adjustments but nothing will stop it from doing this, or allow me to move it even one step. Extremely frustrating!

    Please help!

  • MatterControl essentially just prevents the nozzle from traveling below 0 on the Z axis, however is superseded by the printer's firmware as to whether or not travel below 0 is even possible.

    Despite the fact that I have it set to 5mm above stop

    What is "it"?

    Can you run the Software Print Leveling wizard and post the Terminal Log after you run into this problem?

    Please use Dropbox, Google Drive, or a similar service to share the files and post the link in your reply.

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