New to 3d printing. Having problems

  • Hi all,

    I have a Tronxy X5 printer and shockingly am just making a mess. I believe I have the bed level and the settings correct but possibly have a clogged printer head. All I get is a very fine hair like mess with an occasional glob that doesn't stick to the bed. I am in Orange County CA near Matterhackers and am wondering if there is any place someone knows of nearby where you can bring a 3d printer and get help getting going? I have a few questions that seem to be skipped over on video's or forums and talking with someone would probably save me weeks of time and get me get printing much faster. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.


  • @rsummers

    Good news, after tweeking and tweeking the slicer settings and the settings on the printer, I finally got a decent print. I further leveled the bed height and the magic trick seemed to be when I increased the output to 165. I'm now experiencing what appear to be regular print problems that I am sure most of you all have dealt with and I'll just have to work my way through them.

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