Load and Unload filament routines are not functional in

  • I am trying to use the load and unload procedures in MatterControl for my Pulse B-122 and they seem to not work anywhere near what they were in the earlier version or even on the older 1.7.5 software.

    Is there something broken or is it my install that needs to be re-installed?


  • MatterHackers

    Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems that we may have changed this in a way that causes it to not extruder the full amount required for loading and unloading. This should be fixed in the next build, and hopefully it is easy to get filament loaded and unloaded until we get this fix released. We should have a new build early in April (alpha and beta by the end of this month).

    Thanks for reporting this.

  • Ok, I am not going crazy or changed the settings, unload and load, has changed! thanks.

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