Which settings override the other? Doesn't seem to follow consistent logic when setting up a profile...

  • I've read the blog articles, searched the forum, and just can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I've been trying to make a new profile for a custom built printer (It's actually a Felix Tech4 with an E3d Chimera hotend). The problems I'm having is more how MC 2.0 uses the various settings and which settings (Quality vs. Material) override the other? The logic eludes me as it seems to be a mix and match if I look at the results displayed in MC.

    Seems like all the settings are duplicated between both Quality and Material, so how do I judge which one will actually take effect?

  • Ok, I just found this post: https://forums.matterhackers.com/topic/465/why-are-all-settings-in-quality-material and now it makes a bit more sense. Put visually, the settings hierarchy goes like this:

    Material - orange
    Quality - yellow
    User - blue
    Base (from printer selection)

    With the settings above always overriding the settings below (eg. Material setting trumps Quality setting). Unfortunately in the UI, there wasn't a hint of the actual layer-like organization; there were only the color tags. A bit confusing without the layer concept firmly embedded in my mind.

  • MatterHackers

    It actually goes:

    With a bit of special consideration when a quality or material setting is turned on. It trumps the user setting until a new user setting is added above it.

    We plan to continue to improve this and hope to make it much clearer with a new ui that shows the layering explicitly.

    Thanks for sharing your discoveries.

  • @larsbrubaker

    My pleasure. Love the program, even have the git repo and was going to just go through the code to figure it out.

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