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  • Have been looking for optional heads for my printer. What I mean is there a laser, or an engraver head I could replace my extruder with? I have not seen them. Are they out there? It brings into play lots of issues like defining the height off the part. Or laser power to do "work" has a lot of risks involved. Potential different in head mass that complicates head movement. Has anybody seen something like this?

    I happen to have an Airwolf printer. What I am thinking is more DIY that is not printer specific.

    Thank you for any help.

    Robert ONeill

  • There's not really a drop-in solution for what you're looking to do, at least with an Airwolf printer. Lasers are complex machines, and can be dangerous if not properly designed and built. For this reason, you'll probably not want to try anything with a laser on an existing 3D printer, but rather build a machine that's meant for laser cutting, like the Lasersaur: http://www.lasersaur.com/

    Another project that is good as a 3D printer or CNC is the Mostly Printed CNC, which uses a Rotary Tool as the tool head to cut or engrave: https://www.vicious1.com/assembly/

    Hope that helps.

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