Warm up Extruder after startup gcode.

  • Hello,

    I really hate it when slicers make it warm up the extruder before bed leveling. This will leave little zits of filament all over bed and throw off bed leveling measurements. Please make it so we can move this to after the startup g-code.


  • You can already do this. If you add the heating commands (M104 and M109) anywhere in the Start G-Code, they will be removed from the automatic G-Code that is inserted before the Start G-Code. See this wiki page for more information.


  • Hi, Thanks for response.

    M104 is generated with the slicer. But I was using M109 in my start-up so wasn't being removed. I changed my code to use M104 instead and now works.

    I don't know a lot of gcode but looked M104,M109 up. I've seen both in some other gcode samples;however, I don't see why both would be needed.

    Good day.

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