heat creep trobbleshooting (wanhao i3)

  • So I have had my wanhao i3 for a while. For about the first 2 weeks, my prints were great. Then all of a sudden, all my prints failed to heat creep. I changed nothing or modified nothing. I have a standerd all metal v6 hotend. I have tried everything:

    Adding a new high air flow fan

    adding a 360 DIII cooler,

    changing the ptfe tube

    changing distance between heat block and heat sink,

    adding thermal paste to the heat sink to increase thermal conductivity.

    Here's some extra information to help:

    When the heat creep,I put in the filament, and instantly it melts where it shouldn't.

    when printing, the print will fail no matter what. sometimes it doesnt start at all, and sometimes it stops extruding after around half an hour to an hour. I have been printing on PLA at a range of temperatures. I've tried everything the internet says at 195C, 215C and 225c. Nothing works, and im getting super frustrated.

  • How warm is your heat sink after the jam? It should be cool to the touch, even on the bottom fins.

    What does the filament look like after you pull it out? Can you post a picture?

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