Which 3D Printer should I choose?

  • Hi,

    I want a printer that can print complicated parts for prototyping and silicon molding.

    Here is the key features that I want;

    - Dual Extruder (for pva support materials)
    - Multi material support (pla, abs, pva, ninjaflex, nylon, cpe etc...)
    - Easy maintenance

    But the most important feature that I want is reliability and stability, I want to trust that the printer can print same object with same dimensions over and over again.

    I'm currently look these printers; Ultimaker 3, Zortax M300, Makerbot Replicator, Cubicon Single Plus and Raise3D.

    What is your suggestions? Which printer should I buy?

    Budget: Max. 10.000$

    Thanks in advance.

  • Of the printers you mentioned and that we carry, the Ultimaker 3 is going to fit your requirements the best as far as reliability and stability are concerned. It's a solid machine with a good UI and mechanics. Not to say that the others aren't, but for the money, the Ultimaker 3 is the clear leader.

  • 3D printing is helping to more production of PVA support. It has dissolving PVA filament which is very helpful in a container and warm water. Ricoh printer support is making a good guide for printer service for their client.

  • I recommend you to buy raise3D pro2 dual extruder 3D printer as it's more pocket-friendly and inexpensive 7dollaressay website review and for more stability and reliability as you said above go for Ultimaker 3.

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