Value of the Z Offset on Matter Control for a Glass plate over my Bed

  • I Have a LulzBot TAZ 6, i'm using the Matter Control 1.7 Version

    i want to put a Glass Plate over my Heated BED, i want to try some methods while i'm printing with ABS filaments.

    i bought a Glass plate is 3mm of thickness, but every time i try to start printing the Nozzle is nearest to the bed so is hitting the glass plate.

    so my question is... what value do i have to put on the Z OFFSET for a 3mm glass plate over my bed?

    and if i have to change any other value in the G-Code.


  • This forum is apparently not very well monitored... 2 months and no response. That's sad.

    I have a glass bed on my Zonestar Prusa i3 clone. I just added it on top of the existing aluminum bed. I changed the z axis end stop so that it homed just below the surface. Then used the manual leveling (7 point) wizard to set the height. Works well. I'm pretty new to 3D printing and I'm sure there's a better way, something more "scientific", but can't argue with success. LOL

  • The TAZ 6 does automatic leveling by probing the corners of the bed. You'll have to change the Z offset through the printer's menu. If you are adding a 3 mm plate, then you would add 3 mm to the Z offset.

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