PLA filament problem with RED

  • My son and I purchased and assembled the Rostock V3 2 months ago. Along with the purchase we purchased 7 spools of PLA filament. Currently we are up to 100 hours of printing a variety of items and are pleased with the printer. However we have noticed any time we use the RED for printing we will get a very low quality print with holes in the print or areas where it appears the plastic did not fully adhere. We can change filament to any of the other 6 and print the exact same item without any problems. We have tested this on several same prints and time and time again it is the RED that is messing up. Any ideas? Because of the number of times we have had this repeated bad print, I'm beginning to wonder if we might have got a bad spool of filament? Thanks for any input.

  • Are you using the same settings for the red as you are the other filaments? Individual spools can have different thermal properties due to dyes and such, so if you haven't already try printing the red at a higher temp than the others.

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