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  • Hi, I recently downloaded mattercontrol v 1.6 and really liked it. Looking at the online manual I found that you can use Slic3r as the program´s slicer engine, but in my case, mattercontrol only offers "Matterslicer" as engine, how can I enable Slic3r too?

    thanks in advance

  • Certain versions of MatterControl only offer the MatterSlice engine, but the plain version (available from offers all three: CuraEngine, Slic3r, and MatterSlice.

    Also, multiple extrusion is only available using MatterSlice.

    My guess is that you have a version installed which does not support the others, like one branded with a printer manufacturer (like ROBO 3D or SeeMeCNC), OR you are trying to print using multiple extruders.

    Edit: multi-extrusion

  • MatterHackers

    Also if you are running on linux, MatterControl Linux doesn't come with the other slicers but you can add them by following these instructions.

  • Hi, I´m running windows 7, and here you can see the issue.
    By the way, I downloaded the "plain" version Ryan describes above. Version 1.6.1 did not offer Slic3r neither.

    thanks for your time

  • I am running the same build and have the three slicer options available. The printer name "Qidi Dual" I see in the screenshot indicates that you have a dual-extrusion machine. As I said, multi-extrusion is not supported for third-party slice engines.

  • @ryan.lutz

    Oh I finally understand. It's not that multi-extrusion is not supported for third party slicers... well yes, but technically, it's with the printers with more than 1 extruder that Mattercontrol removes that option. I usually single material prints though.

    Thanks for clarifying 😃

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