30-Day Filament Warranty - How quickly do you use a roll of filament?

  • I recently had an issue with a filament that only has a 30 day warranty. This seems like a ridiculously short period of time, since there's no way I would use a whole roll in a month unless I was doing non-stop printing...which I'm not.
    I'm not sure what could go wrong with the filament, other than moisture absorption. My issue (discovered after returning to an unattended print) appeared to be a tolerance issue, as it appeared the filament became stuck, and the teeth of the extruder gear left quite a bit of plastic on top of the heat sink. In reading some posts, I now realize that the clicking sound I heard right before I left the printer alone, was the extruder gear/stepper motor, not the cable ties on the edge of the printer frame like I thought it was.

    I've printed many things with this roll previously, with no issues, but did have my only other jam with that same roll. Printed with 5 other rolls of various types without any issues.

    So, is a 30-day warranty common? And do you think its reasonable? Do any of you use a filament with a longer warranty?

  • At MatterHackers our customers are important to us, and we try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to quality control issues like the one you describe. It doesn't sound like you bought this filament from us, but if you ever do please keep in mind that we want to hear from you if there's ever a question of quality.

    That said, 30 days seems a bit short for a warranty but I don't see anything underhanded or necessarily wrong with it. It's reasonable enough if the seller makes this absolutely clear and you agree to purchase the product.

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