Difference between MH Pro and regular PLA

  • What is the difference between MatterHackers regular PLA and Pro PLA? On the Pro pages, they mention that its made in the USA - but the regular PLA doesn't - I'm assuming that means it's made in China? One of the reasons I ask is that I bought three rolls of the regular PLA. I was printing a high resolution model with a 0.25 nozzle and the regular PLA clogged on two prints (one about 50 hours in and the next about 90 hours in -- it was a 150 hour print). I didn't want to spend the extra on the Pro until I had a feel for the quality of the regular. Is there really that much of a difference in material and finish quality?

  • The Standard series is made in China. The other main difference is the colors. The Pro series uses more pigment, which makes the colors more solid and opaque. The standard series tends to be more translucent. The Pro series also offers a wider range of colors than the Standard.

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