Low Friction poll: which two materials rubbed together exhibit the least friction?

  • Hello all. I'm having a bit of trouble finding good information on this topic. Sure, it's easy to find materials with the lowest friction coefficient, but that's not always the most helpful when trying to keep overall friction and noise down to a minimum. For instance, I can have two parts made of nylon sliding against each other, or I can have one part nylon and the other covered in lay-fomm or some other such felty material. Which exhibits less friction? Which is quieter? I realize there are too many variables to come up with a one size fits all answer. The specific application and requirements would be good to know for instance, but I'm curious what others have discovered given their experience with their own materials and their projects/applications/requirements.

  • Not sure about its interaction with other materials, but the IGUS filament is designed to be very low friction. It's made for use in bearings. We have several printers here with 3D printed IGUS linear bearings. The motion is quite smooth.

  • Many thanks mr. bacon. I'll be ordering this filament or something close.

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