Compatibility between ASA and soluble HIPS support structure

  • I tried to print an object using ASA, with HIPS soluble support structure. The ASA nozzle temperature was set to 255C, and HIPS temperature was set to 240C. Bed temperature was set to 80C. In the print, I used a raft of HIPS.

    However, I find the ASA does not stick to the HIPS at all! So is ASA really compatible with HIPS? If not, then what soluble support structure should I use with ASA?

    I know I can rule out PVA, as PVA will not be able to withstand a bed temperature of 80-90C.

  • Well HIPS and PVA are the only dissolvable support materials we carry. So if neither of those work you may be out of options. Stratasys uses some combination of ASA and a support in their machines. Maybe you could find out what their support material is made of.

    Otherwise you will just have to live without dissolveable support. I think many people assume they will need it when in fact you can get away with quite a lot without it.

  • I know.... but my question is:

    Is HIPS compatible with ASA?

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