Using slic3r and cura slicer in MatterControl

  • I am using MatterControl 1.5 on Ubuntu Linux. However when I tried to switch from MatterSlicer to slic3r slicer, it says the parameters are wrong.

    Google results indicates that slic3r is not working on the released MatterControl 1.5.

    Currently are there plans to restore support of slic3r and cura slicers on MatterControl? If so, which branch on github should I checkout?

  • Slic3r should be working in MatterControl 1.5 on Linux. It is only currently broken on the Mac. If you want to post your slice settings file and maybe an example STL, we can try to see what is going wrong. You can also try to diagnose it yourself.

    If you want to try building from source, stay on the master branch and see this article for hooking up Slic3r.

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