Hello my name is Tyler (not Taylor)

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    I'm an engineer here at MatterHackers and one of the guys you might get in touch with if you call in or email support. Around here I also go by @unlimitedbacon, but this is my official account.

    • Name: Tyler Anderson
    • Location: Southern California, USA, Earth, Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
    • Printer(s): Cupcake CNC, This. In addition, I am the caretaker of all the printers in the MatterHackers barn.
    • Years 3D printing: 6
    • Background: Hacker/Maker
    • Reason for interest in 3D Printing: Printing more printers / creating an army of self replicating machines for world domination.
    • Role Models: Steve Wozniak, Mark Watney
    • Goals: Win an Ig Nobel prize.
    • Interests: Space, duck tape, cream soda, old computers, blue LEDs, submarines, etc.

    You can see some of the projects I have worked on at https://hackaday.io/MrAnderson.

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