Edit in 3D preview lost in layer view

  • I am having difficulty making edits in the 3D preview and then testing in the layer view. If for instance, if I add a STL file that is drawn in inches, then hit scale to convert into inches, then click on layer view, it is back in MM. If I try to save my changes, it can not find my file and local library says missing. Is there a preferred order of operations in this case? The end result I am after is to export and drag/drop on to OctoPrint webpage. Everything works as expected if I do not have to edit things, I just hit export and I am done. Presently using MatterControl in Ubuntu 15.10, but my Win7 machine has almost the same problem, except it creates a AMF and seems to remember it location. Either way I have trouble going directly from editing to exporting G-code. Thanks,

    Folgertech Mini-Kossel, MatterControl 1.5, Ramps 1.4, Audruino Mega

  • Changes made in the editor will not take effect in the layer view unless you hit save first. I think the main problem here is why the save operation isn't working. Are you sure you have read/writer permission for wherever your files are located? Could you try running MatterControl from the terminal, attempting to save, and then pasting the output here?

  • I am not getting much in the terminal, do I need to increase verbosity somehow? This is a change of scale and then a 'save', I do not know where it saves. If I do a 'save as' to the local library, it shows up in the file view, but opening it is still scaled in MM. I will try as 'root' and see if it is a permission issue.

    Thanks for the response,

    joel@JoelgofastPC:/home$ MatterControl

    29 ms 1

    5 ms 2

    0 ms 3

    3 ms 4

    2 ms 1

    0 ms 2

    0 ms 3

    215 ms 4



  • I ran MatterControl as 'Root' and still have problems. When I re-scale an object, then hit save as, it changes the icon to a question mark. If open the file folder, I see an '.AMF. file, but attempting to view gives me a blank preview screen.

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