printing holes instead of structure

  • I have an interesting issue and first time it has come up. I am still new to 3d printing so bear with me. I have a stl file that when it prints in mater control it prints the holes and not the structure, the exact opposite of what it should be. It renders properly and looks fine but prints opposite. I am printing on a leapfrog creatr dual and running on the latest mac version and it prints the holes and not the structure. I would be happy to share the stl if that would help

  • I think we'd need to see the file in order to determine what's going on. Can you share it via Dropbox or Google Drive and post the link?

    The G-Code might also be useful:

  • administrators

    Sounds like reversed polygon normals to me. Basically your STL file was not generated correctly. Try running it through NetFabb or MakePrintable and see if that helps.

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