Filament size: 1.75mm or 3mm?

  • I want to finish up a printer I started a while back (ORD-Bot, Azteeg X3) and got stuck on getting the extruder working. I think the E3Ds look pretty nice, so I am going to get a couple of those and then probably print wade extruders. (or maybe Bondtech?)

    The big question is, should I go 3mm or 1.75mm? This won't be a bowden setup, so I know that's one reason that people use 1.75.

    I already have a couple of good working printers, one using 1.75mm (Kossel Pro) and one using 3mm (TAZ 5), so I have a good collection of both sizes filament around. But it would be nice to not have to buy double the filament.

    I had thought the original reason for the migration to 1.75 was that the 3mm filaments were from pre-existing tech and not sized reliably, and 1.75 was the bright new standard future for FFF. But the TAZ is still using 3mm and people seem to be settling on a 2.85mm standard there. Thus the dilemma.

    Does anyone have insight into where the industry is going with filament sizes?

  • I believe I covered all of the main points in the other thread. In general, the industry seems to be moving towards 1.75 mm. Most of the old players (like Lulzbot and Ultimaker) are still on 3 mm simply because the advantages do not outweigh the hassle of changing over. None of the new printers we have been testing lately have used 3 mm, though.

  • Oh, yeah, that was a great thread. I even commented on it: Derp. Thanks for the info.

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