Change heat order for printers.

  • Is there a way to change the heat order for our printers? Right now the hot end and the heated bed get turned on at the same time. My hot end gets to 240 in about 20 seconds, the bed can take a couple minutes to get to temp. While the printer is waiting for the bed the hot end will drool all the filament out of the hot zone. So now when it starts even with perimeters turned on, it sometimes won't have primed the melt zone before it gets to the actual part.

  • Heating order is automatically generated in MatterControl, but can be customized using Custom G-Code:

    Any heating Custom G-Code entered in the Start G-Code will override other heating commands, so you can control the order in which the commands are run. You'll want to reference for specific heating commands if you're not familiar with them, particularly M104, M140, M109, and M190.

  • I usually hit the Bed Temp "PREHEAT" button in MatterControl while i am adjusting the final print settings. By the time I hit print and the hot end is to temperature there is no waiting for the bed to get up to temp.

  • @ryan.lutz

    Cool, thanks! I'll look into this.


    I don't always use mattercontrol to print though. Usually I use it to create the gcode, then upload it to a laptop I have running OctoPrint. If I create the gcode with repetier the bed will heat first, then when it gets to temp the hot end will turn on. That's what I'm trying to replicate with mattercontrol.

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