Local Library Removal

  • How or where do I go to delete items from my local library list? There is clearly an "+add" button, but I don't see anything to allow me to delete items from this area.

  • Remove items from the Library by clicking 'Edit', then select the part to remove, then click 'Remove'.


  • I have the same question, and the "Remove" function doesn't seem to solve it. I'm experimenting with creating my own stl files for printing. I made a simple cube, added it to my Local Library, and printed it successfully. Great! Except now I have this Cube file in my library that won't seem to go away. If I edit it, and click remove, nothing happens. If I insert another object into the file, I can then remove one or the other objects - but the Cube file is still in my library. How do I get rid of that file altogether, and not just add and remove bits from inside it?

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    Ryan was referring to the Edit button in the upper left of the Library view, not the Edit button below the 3D view of the object.

  • Ah, I see it! Thanks!

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