Support for makerbot replicator dual clone (wanhao duplicator4/4s)

  • Hi all,

    I am new on this world. My printer is a Wanhao duplicator 4s (a makerbot replicator dual clone)

    I am using to print the old ReplicatorG. I want to move on to a newest and maintained software.

    MatterControl has support for replicator 2 and replicator 2x, can I use with my wanhao? I dont know where to start to configure it.

    can someone point me in the right direction? thanks

  • Yes. Just select Makerbot Replicator 2X as the make/model when you setup your printer.

  • Apologize if I am hijacking this but I think it's relevant to the original topic, if not please move to it's own thread. Anyhow, I have the same basic setup, but mine is a CTC Duplicator 4 but it's a Replicator Dual clone just the same, I set it up on MatterControl as a Replicator 2 and it works like a charm when using the right extruder, perfect! Then I went to the controls and added my second extruder as the instructions stated( ), did an edit on my object to print it with the left extruder, no problem. But when I click build the printer moves the head to the ready position and I see on my printer readout the head heats up to the targeted 230 and starts to drizzle filament, great! But then I notice MatterControl says it's waiting for it to heat up to 0 degrees and never actually starts the print, head just sits in home position and drizzles. I thought maybe MatterController wasn't able to get heat reading from the left extruder but then I discovered when I go to Controls it my second extruder is listed and it accurately controls and reads the temp from there? Did I miss a configuration somewhere?

  • In the Settings page, did you select PLA (or something else) for both Material 1 and Material 2?

    Could you export the gcode and post it?

  • I found that if I just wait long enough it does indeed start printing, but as you can see it still says heating to zero on the main screen. Here is the beginging of GCODE from terminal

    ->Communication State: PreparingToPrint

    ->N1 M110 S1*96

    ->Communication State: Printing

    ->N2 G21*24 [0.013]

    <-ok [0.013]

    ->N3 M107*38 [0.014]

    <-ok [0.036]

    ->N4 M104 T1 S230*37 [0.037]

    <-ok [0.081]

    ->N5 M104 T1 S230*36 [0.082]

    <-ok [0.126]

    ->N6 T1*61 [0.127]

    <-ok [0.149]

    ->N7 G28*20 [0.151]

    <-ok [0.229]

    ->N8 M114*47 [0.230]

    <-ok 😄 X:285 Y:150 Z:0 E:0 [0.252]

    ->N9 G1 X285.1 Y149.9 Z3.144 F5000*30 [0.253]

    <-ok [0.275]

    ->N10 M1200 MatterControl*125 [0.276]

    <-ok [0.298]

    ->N11 M104 T1 S230*17 [0.301]

    <-ok [0.345]

    ->N12 G4 P1000*111 [0.346]

    <-ok [0.368]

    ->N13 G4 P1000*110 [0.369]

    <-ok [0.391]

    ->N14 G4 P1000*105 [0.392]

    <-ok [0.414]

    ->N15 G4 P1000*104 [0.415]

    <-ok [0.437]

    ->N16 G4 P1000*107 [0.438]

    <-ok [0.460]

    ->N17 G4 P1000*106 [0.461]

    <-ok [0.483]

    ->N18 G4 P1000*101 [0.484]

    <-ok [0.508]

    ->N19 G4 P1000*100 [0.509]

    <-ok [0.531]

    ->N20 G4 P1000*110 [0.532]

    <-ok [0.554]

    ->N21 G4 P1000*111 [0.555]

    <-ok [0.583]

    ->N22 G4 P1000*108 [0.584]

    <-ok [0.606]

    ->N23 G4 P1000*109 [0.607]

    <-ok [0.629]

    ->N24 G4 P1000*106 [0.630]

    <-ok [0.694]

    ->N25 G4 P1000*107 [0.695]

    <-ok [0.717]

    ->N26 G4 P1000*104 [0.718]

    <-ok [0.740]

    ->N27 G4 P1000*105 [0.741]

    <-ok [0.763]

    ->N28 G4 P1000*102 [0.764]

    <-ok [0.786]

    ->N29 G4 P1000*103 [0.787]

    <-ok [0.814]

    ->N30 G4 P1000*111 [0.815]

    <-ok [0.837]

    ->N31 G4 P1000*110 [0.838]

    <-ok [0.860]

    ->N32 G4 P1000*109 [0.861]

    <-ok [0.883]

    ->N33 G4 P1000*108 [0.884]

    <-ok [0.911]

    ->N34 G4 P1000*107 [0.912]

    <-ok [0.934]

    ->N35 G4 P1000*106 [0.935]

    <-ok [0.957]

    ->N36 G4 P1000*105 [0.958]

    <-ok [0.980]

    ->N37 G4 P1000*104 [0.981]

    <-ok [1.007]

    ->N38 M105*28 [1.007]

    <-ok T0:38 T1:199 [1.051]

    ->N39 G4 P1000*102 [1.052]

    <-ok [1.074]

    ->N40 G4 P1000*104 [1.075]

    <-ok [1.097]

    ->N41 G4 P1000*105 [1.098]

    <-ok [1.120]

    ->N42 G4 P1000*106 [1.121]

    <-ok [1.143]

    ->N43 G4 P1000*107 [1.144]

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