Having very difficult time printing with "PRO Series Ryno Filament"

  • I need some insider help. I have yet to successfully print anything with this brand new filament "White PRO Series Ryno Filament" - just opened sealed package today. I saw the details on the web for suggested temps but I can't find a good option. Prints very stringy, lower temp, clogs. I've never had this many problems trying to prin. Using Neptune 3 Plus printer. Releveled bed, switched print heads - just running out of ideas?

  • I understand your frustration with the new "White PRO Series Ryno Filament." Try adjusting the temperature within the recommended range gradually, as even a small change can make a big difference. Reducing the print speed might help with stringing issues, and adjusting the retraction distance and speed can also reduce stringing. Ensure your cooling fans are working correctly and try increasing the fan speed. If possible, consider using a different nozzle size. Additionally, ensure the filament is properly dried, as moisture can cause print quality issues. Keep experimenting with these settings, and hopefully, you'll find the sweet spot for your filament and printer combination.

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