Weird repeated printing failure

  • I have a RostockMax v2 with an upgraded HE240 hot end that I built several years ago. Has always worked fine. Recently I have been trying to print the attached file using MatterControl for ABS @ 235'/80' (HE/Bed). The half-donut shaped part is 0.125" thick by 9" diameter with a 0.125" thick by 1.125" high semi-circular protrusion around the internal edge.

    [0_1706650070397_Shroud Plate_PRINT.STL](Uploading 100%)

    I have tried to print it twice and each time it prints to a thickness of about 0.090" and then fails. It is a long print job so I don't get to see it when it fails. I find the partially-printed part completely off the print bed laying to the side of the printer. There is no excess printed material and the print head is in the 'Home' position. I use a gluestick to prep the print bed and have never had a problem with print adhesion, but have never printed a part with this much X-Y surface area. It's as if the printer suddenly stops printing, somehow kicks the part off the print bed, and then returns to its 'Home' position. Weird.

    Thanks for any ideas or solutions you might be able to provide!

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