ThriftyMake filament with Bambu Lab AMS

  • I decided to give ThriftyMake filament a try because the price was too good to pass up and bought some PLA+ and PETG. In spite of the description that says they are compatible with the AMS, I've found that the spools are slightly larger in diameter than the Bambu spools. Because of this, if I latch the AMS cover closed, the spools drag and the system can't feed the filament. If I close the cover but don't close the latches, they work fine.

    Other than that, the filament works well. The PLA+ blue is slightly matte and the PETG silver is glossy. I'm happy with how these filaments print aside from the AMS issue. I just thought I'd let others know in case they are planning to try out this filament.

    I guess it's time to install the Hydra upgrade to the AMS so I can run even larger spools.

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