Matterhackers PRO Series Tough PLA Filament Surface Nicks

  • I am printing with MatterHackers PRO Series Tough PLA Filament for the first time and the surface layers are experiencing this little "nicks" at random spots throughout the entire print. I've tried drying the filament to eliminate any possible moisture. Also, print directly from the filament dryer while running. Printing with a 0.4mm nozzle with 220C hot end temp and 60C bed temp. Curious if there are any feedback that anyone has as to why this could be happening with the surface nicks and what could be done to eliminate them. Any help is appreciated.
    0_1701274260608_IMG_8440.jpg 0_1701274272102_IMG_8445.jpg 0_1701274285139_IMG_8444.jpg 0_1701274295877_IMG_8442.jpg

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