Trouble printing MH PRO Nylon

  • I just purchased Matterhacker Pro Nylon filament and cannot get it to print without warping. I have an enclosed printer, heated bed at 80c, nozzle temp is 260 and printing at 30mm/sec. I am using a textured PEI bed with PVA glue. I tried printing it with a brim, which failed, I tried with a brim and a draft shield, failed, I tried without the bring but with a draft shield, failed.

    I am at loss - I have no issues printing NylonX, but that is printing on a printer that has a heated enclosure, and is a bigger machine that is totally dedicated to larger NylonX parts.

    This is a smaller machine, and the part is a Rasperry HQ camera mount for the printers, which is small and thin.

    Any help would be appreciated. I have uploaded a screenshot from Fusion 360 and a .3mf file.

    0_1701151071932_Screenshot 2023-11-27 215610.png

    [0_1701150764700_Pi Camera Mount v7.3mf](Uploading 100%)

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