Matter Control Auto pilot

  • Hi all!

    I just purchased the autopilot software off of Matterhackers.

    I have found that my print bed will not cool down lower than 45 deg C after a print (1st) is finished.

    The bed temperature is adjustable in the autopilot settings, in order to tell the program to clear the build plate after a certain bed temp is reached. In my case, I wanted to bed to be 35 deg C, prior to the printed part being pushed from the bed and the next part started.

    Since the printer will never reach the needed temperature, the 2nd print never can begin, and so on. The printer or program will maintain the bed temp at 45 def C indefinitely.

    Is there a setting somewhere to change the 45 deg C value? Even when the target bed temp is 35 deg C on the printer LCD display, the 45 deg is never overcome. (Note: if the bed clearing temp is set to a much higher value, like 58 (when the printing bed temp is set to 60) then the 58 is achievable and the bed clearing procedure is successful)

    Also, is there any additional information/ tutorials regarding autopilot other than the purchase/ product page? At this point, it is basically non-functional for me without the bed being able to cool enough for the the part to be cleared from the bed.


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