2 or 3 Extruders with only one head -> tuto

  • Hello .
    You can't use your printer with 2 or 3 extruders with only one head / with MC 2.0 ?
    This is a bug from the software. it doesn't work, and "waiting for second T° OK"

    You must deactivate (disable) the "SHARE TEMPERATURE'"!
    (You can have 1, or 2 or 3 extruders. or more...)
    After, at the top of the soft, you can see 2 or 3 extruders , where you must set the T° to ZERO °C , for extruder 2 and extruder 3

    For me, i have the Geeetech A20M... and it was so long to find this "stupid idea" 🙂
    Now it works ...
    I could add my Geeetech A20M , using the "prusa i3 preset", and add 2 extruders.
    I use my Geeetech with ESP3D to print by Wifi for small pieces. and by Sdcard for long time prints.
    it works fine now.

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