Z growing on prints

  • Manual using controls tab in mattercontrol 2.0 and using 123 blocks I am not seeing an increase in Z but Slicing and printing a model I get +.381mm per every 2.54mm on the last few prints with no settings changed other than installing the latest mc 2.0 (last print was .7 inch tall in modeling and ended up .8 inches tall printed).
    Anyone else notice this type of problem ?

  • Have you tried playing with extrusion multiplier setting in "advanced" section?

  • Jogging the printer and measuring with precision 123 blocks and appeared accurate showed its something maybe going on in the slicer ?

    I went back to MatterControlSetup-, not sure I needed to go back that far. Printed a 1" (25.4mm) cube, measured perfect 1inch cube. Ran my parts (3) again and Z is +.002 inch (+0.0508mm). What ever changed was in the last 2-3 updates, guessing.
    Thanks for reply

  • Honestly, I'd be happy with those tolerances on a hobby printer

  • @olli-rita Never said what kind of printer I am using but it is well made, tuned and does produce accurate prints, I mostly build structural prints not artwork so accuracy is important.
    Mattercontrol has been working great for the longest time, since 1.6 I believe and my goto slicer.

    Recently though the Z started growing and I believe it was within the last few updates, I posted this to make people aware that there could be something going wrong in the slicer, with the newest version of MC it added 8 extra layers after slicing which amounted to a little over .1 (2.54mm) inch extra to the print making it go from 17.78mm to 20.32mm.
    This Z growth gets worse on taller parts.
    X and Y are unaffected.

    My quick fix was to install an older "working with my printer" version for now.

  • MatterControl is probably the most ancient and quite possibly one of the worst slicers on the market with no feature updates or bug fixes in the past year.

    Matterhacker support is also starting to slack, I asked how to change my Pulse XE firmware from Smoothie to Marlin about week or two ago... actually about 6 months ago, haven't gotten an answer nor instructions how to do it...

    Can't wait to get rid of Matter Control and start using modern slicers.

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    @olli-rita I use most of the slicers available and I use MC everyday with my engineering parts. However, I do not use Marlin. I chucked that board after about 6 months of frustration. I have a Duet3D board on my XE. And I chucked those dual Z motors and went to a single motor belt drive.

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    Support is better on Discord. I am there everyday and there are other members who actively help.

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