Pre print idea

  • Been around the block with slicers over the years and just picked up a Pulse and giving MC a go and I'm really liking both! Something that I would set manually in the past and thought it would be cool to see as a default for any preset chosen... When you press print, it would heat up the bed and nozzle together as usual but the nozzle would be about 30% below its target temp. Once temps are reached the printer would do its mesh leveling then raise the Z, home, raise the nozzle temp to the target temp then extrude a line as usual, then print.

    I think this would benefit users when choosing different filaments and having the nozzle not ooze across the bed when auto leveling or creating a big lump of filament when trying to clear the nozzle before a print. I know you can retract after a print is completed but this still helps me with less interaction during leveling.

    Just thoughts...

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