MC 1.7 - Extrude 100mm not working?

  • Just installed MatterControl v1.7 yesterday. Now calibrating temps etc. If I select 100 mm as the extrusion value and click E+, my Rostock V2 only extrudes a few mm at a time, and does so 6-7 times in a row. Older version of MC used to extrude 100 mm (or so) as expected. What's going on?

  • MatterControl now splits up large moves into a series of smaller ones. There are a couple reasons this is done, but it ends up having the effect you are seeing. Is this a problem?

  • Not necessarily a problem - wanted to be sure I wasn't seeing some kind of firmware or MC error. Loaded Repetier v92 and all seems to behave as expected now.

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