unstable on Mac?

  • So anyone else have issues with MC on a MAC? it randomly will crash mid print or if the print finishes, and I go to print another, the temp flips out and reads 200 and flashes back to 0, never will start the 2nd print. Sometimes it will autolevel and freeze on the last bed touch, the program shows its printing but it sits there and my temps go back to room temp. any ideas?



  • I had a similar problem on my Mac. Eventually it stopped responding completely. I could still send commands using the Arduino IDE's serial monitor so I know the printer was communicating. I could also use MatterControl using another Mac.

    I ended up deleting the app and deleting the contents of the MatterControl folder at '~/.local/share/MatterControl' then re-installing the current version of MatterControl. That seems to have fixed it for now. I did have to go back a re-create my customizations so if yours are extensive you may want to go back and document those before deleting.


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